Registered Charity Number: 1092771

Rotherham Dog Rescue


Breed:        Lhasa Apso

Age/Sex:    4 yrs/Male

Size:          Small

Dogs:         Possibly

Cats:          Possibly

Children:    No

Hi I'm Pepper and I'm a 4 year old Lhasa Apso. I've had to come into rescue for rehabilitation but now I'm ready to look for a new home. I'm a rather shy chap when I meet new people but it's only because I lack confidence at times although I don't like to show it. One thing I do love is training and I'm very attentive and focused when I'm doing it. I'm definitely not a lap dog or cuddle monster, I'm more independent and I don't do alot of things that dogs my size and breed usually do. In fact, the rescue says I'm a big dog in a little dog's body and if I was a human, I'd be a right tomboy!  My new owner needs to be quite experienced and confident with dogs and also must have the time and patience to further my training and give me regular exercise. He or she must be able to visit me at the kennels on a regular basis so we can get to know each other. I can't live where there are children around but I could live with a doggy friend if we met several times and we liked each other. I might even be able to live with a calm and confident cat. 

If you can offer Pepper a new home, please contact Lisa on 07912146587