Lucy has gone to her new home on a farm with lots of new friends to play with!

Rehomed 24/02/21

Lovely Lola has been adopted by her foster mum who fell in love with her!

Rehomed 26/02/21

Dotty the Chihuahua has gone to join her new family. Good luck little girl!

Rehomed 16/04/21

Deeks has gone to start his new life with Purdey the German Shepherd and he's going to have so much fun!

Rehomed 25/04/21

The gorgeous girls, mum Lexi and daughter Lily have been rehomed together. Good luck ladies with your new family!!

Rehomed 09/07/21

Butch and his brother Tigger have gone to their new home and are going on holiday soon to Skeggy, have fun boys!!

Rehomed 15/08/21

Alan has gone to live with his new family and his new doggy friend Bentley the Shih Tzu. Good Luck little fella!!

Rehomed 12/12/21

Our gorgeous Hallie the Cocker Spaniel has gone to start a new life full of adventures with her new family!

Rehomed 10/09/21