What We Do

  • At Rotherham Dog Rescue, we specialise in rehabilitation and helping those dogs that need a little more understanding and expertise to ready them for their new forever homes. We aim to give all our dogs the life they deserve, no matter how long it takes.

  • Our aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned, abused and unwanted dogs into forever homes.


  • We help educate owners on how best to care for their dogs and promote neutering. All our rescue dogs are neutered, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.


  • We find caring and responsible owners for our dogs by conducting thorough home checks and matching the right dog to the right owner.

  • We have experienced volunteers on board that walk and work with the dogs training, ensuring that all the dogs get one to one time.


  • We have our own canine psychologist who assesses all our dogs, addresses any behavioural issues that the dog may have and who also gives free advice to any prospective owner both before and after adoption.

Our Facilities

We currently have 7 rescue kennels at our premises which are large and all heated. At the front of the kennels we have 2 fenced off enclosures for the dogs to play in. One of these enclosures contains a portacabin which serves as our office, storage area and somewhere for the dogs to interact with our volunteer staff and have lots of fuss and cuddles on our donated sofas. At the rear of our kennels, there are two large fenced off areas with one of these being our agility paddock for keeping our dogs occupied and stimulated. Agility is a great way of building up trust with dogs which is essential with the rehabilitation work.

Due to work commitments, we do not have volunteers on site all the time. Therefore it is important that anyone wishing to visit us must contact us first to make sure there will be someone there from the rescue.